USB2.0 4 Port HUB with clock

Shipping Weight :0.40000 kg
Status :Ready Stock
Harga : Rp. 70.000.-

Product Feature:

  1. Adds 4 USB2.0 hi-speed ports, compatible with Laptop PC Notebook, Camera or etc.

  2. Fully compliant with USB2.0 specification with clock function

  3. High Speed 4 Ports USB Hub supports up to 127 Hi-speed devices

  4. Backwards compatible with USB1.1

  5. This PC USB Hub supports data transfer rate at 1.5/12/480Mb/s

  6. Individual port over-current protection

  7. Friendly and ergonomic designs, easy protection

  8. Provides up to 500mA to each port sufficient for diverse devices

  9. Plug and play installation

  10. Laptop USB Hub supports Mac OS 8.6 or above

  11. Hi-speed downstream ports with three USB female connectors and 2 USB male connectors


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